Tropical Paradise Little Black Bag

Tropical Paradise, Little Black Bag is filled with  petite  sizes of  “Romantic Essentials” for a passionate getaway.
The essentials included are:
1 ounce bottle of Tropical Coconut Massage Oil. 

Um mm …    Paradise Found.

2 oz. Plumeria massage candle is the luscious fragrance of tropical  Plumeria in full bloom.  The  petite size massage candle is made to ignite the fire of passion.  Drizzle the warm oil onto your partners skin and feel the passion rise.

Coco-Mango fun foreplay powder made to taste  and smell delicious.  Use with the tickle feather for unexpected pleasure. This fragrance is made for the senses: fresh mango and island coconut..This all natural powder  is tucked into in a beautiful  satin bag.

Hand crafted  Marabou style tickle feather.  The luxurious down feathers invite you to tease and titillate your way into a seductive and sensual evening of foreplay

Little Black Bag dimensions are 5  1/2 ”  wide  x  4 3/4″ high x  2  1/2″ deep