French Kiss Little Black Bag

The French Kiss, Little Black Bag  is filled with  the Petite  sizes of our  “Romantic Essentials” for a passionate getaway.

Um mm…kiss me all over

The Essentials :
1 ounce travel size bottle of Vanilla Blossom Kissable Massage Oil.  A delicious sweet vanilla with a hint of exotic nectar drizzled across your partner’s skin brings an urging to keep the lights on and savor the pleasures of the body

2 ounce  Pink Cashmere Massage Candle: a sexy blend of amber, sandalwood, musk & vanilla.    This  petite  massage candle is made fo ignite the fire of passion.  Drizzle the warm oil onto your partner’s skin and feel them surrender to your touch.

“Wicked” personal lubricant.

Hand crafted Marabou style tickle feather,  The luxurious feather duster will invite you to tease and titillate you way your way into a seductive and sensual evening of foreplay.  (feather may change in color and style depending on availability).


Massage Oil:  Coconut, Grapeseed, Jojoba and Rose Hips oil. Fragrance

Massage Candle: Soy, coconut and olive oils.  Fragrance

Little Black Bag dimensions are 5  1/2 ”  wide  x  4 3/4″ high x  2  1/2″ deep