Olivia’s Boudoir

Welcome to my Boudoir

Unveil Yourself Slowly, Petal by Petal.

A private collection of  Sensual products that enhance Romance with Passion & Desire Immerse yourself in the Sensually Luxurious collections.  Olivia has created and designed each collection to leave you feeling beautifully pampered.


After a hectic day, my partner and I tried the tranquility CBD Massage Oil.   We both  loved it.  Its so soothing and I feel pampered.

Sharon C.

I recently purchased Olivia’s Tranquility CBD candle and I love it.  The candle fills the room with a great scent and after about 10 minutes, I was really feeling relaxed.  I will definitely try more of Olivia’s Candles

….  Karen C.

My girl friend and I have tried a lot of massage oils and many of them seem kind of greasy and smell like plastic. But Olivia’s oils really leaves both of us feeling the “Romance” and smelling good

Steve L.