Our Story

The mystery of Olivia;  an alchemist’s, world traveler, lover of living a beautiful life, surrounded with exotic scents from the earth and most of all a believer that we all deserve special pampering and a discovery of Romance in our lives.

Olivia  and her Boudoir Boutique have been in evolution for several years. The Boutique first beginning as exclusive a hand-crafted Artisan  company, serving the Gift industry.  As that market began to diminish, there was a request from a customer to to develop a line of fragranced “Romantic” products for their clients.  It was from answering that request that Olivia’s Boudoir  has now grown into a premier Boutique Crafter of “Romantic Luxuries”.

Our products follow our original intent, being made from premium ingredients, using no harmful chemicals and bringing to life a sense of personal pleasure & desire in all that we create. We take great care in creating a collection of products that are as natural and wholesome as possible, while still adding a feeling of being sensual and romantic.

At Olivia’s Boudoir there is always a striving toward excellence  to improve our products and enhance our customer’s’ Romantic pampering experience.